Senior (1)

〇 My Profile

Hello, I’m Roman. I’m from Ukraine. I have been studying at Howdy Japanese Language School for two months now.

Introduce my day


I always have breakfast in the dormitory.


I study Japanese in the dormitory.


I love curry.

I eat curry for lunch.


It is time for my classes. I walk from the dormitory to school. It takes around 25 minutes.

Another student goes by bicycle. However, I enjoy walking.


Home, dinner

I am concentrating on studying Japanese now. I am not currently working part-time.

Once my Japanese improves, I am thinking of doing a part-time job.

Dinner is of course, my favorites Japanese cuisine.


I’m watching my favorite anime at home. Watching anime also helps with learning Japanese.

Daily Expenditures

Breakfast fee: (Bread and salad) (150) yen

Lunch fee: (Curry)(700)yen

Dinner fee: (Japanese cuisine) (1,000) yen

Others:(Light meals/drinks) (200) yen

Total: 2,050 yen

How is life in Japan?

Life in Japan is difficult but interesting! I don’t understand Japanese very well at the moment, so sometimes it’s difficult to talk to Japanese people. I’m studying every day, so I’ll soon be able to understand more Japanese language. The teachers at school are always helpful and very kind. Japan is a very beautiful and interesting country. I love shopping at stores. After graduating from Howdy Japanese Language School, I will go to university.


Senior (2)

〇 My Profile

I’m Win. I am 19 years old this year and I am from Myanmar. I came to Japan in January 2023. I am currently studying at Howdy Japanese Language School.

Introduce my day


After washing my face in the morning, I change clothes, have breakfast and walk to school. It takes 10 minutes on foot from the dormitory to the school.


Classes are 4 hours from 9:00 to 12:25. Classes are mainly for JLPT and EJU test. I also study business Japanese and Japanese culture. The classes are interesting and the teachers’ explanations are easy to understand, so I feel that my Japanese ability has greatly improved compared to before.


After class, I have lunch. I’m not a very good cook, so I eat out for lunch. There are many supermarkets and restaurants near the school, and they sell food at reasonable prices, so I go out to eat alone or with friends.


I work part-time at a restaurant called “Torikizoku” in ATC. I work from 18:00 to 22:00. It takes about an hour to change trains four times from my house to my part-time job. A part-time job provides food assistance and all transportation expenses, so you can commute without worrying about expenses. I have to communicate with Japanese people at work, so I can practice speaking while working. International students in Japan can work up to 28 hours a week, so they can study without worrying about money.


When I get home, I take a bath to relieve stress and fatigue. After that, I prepare for tomorrow’s class and do my homework. When I don’t feel like studying, I spend my evenings drinking a cup of warm milk, watching anime, and shopping at the supermarket.

Daily Expenditures

Breakfast fee: (Bread/milk) (100) yen

Lunch fee: (Ramen) (700) yen

Dinner fee: 0 yen

Others:(Light meals/drinks) (200) yen

Total: 1,000 yen

How is life in Japan?

I think Japan is a safe and comfortable country for international students. Students who are worried about money can earn living expenses while working part-time, and there are opportunities to receive scholarships. So, I think it is one of the countries that those who want to study abroad should consider. Also, I think that Japan is a country where you can choose a major that suits you from a wide range of studies, and a place where you can find a stable job after graduation.