Howdy Japanese School Nara Campus Opening Ceremony

Oct 25, 2023 | HOWDY TIMES

The opening ceremony for Howdy Japanese School Nara Campus took place on October 25th (Wednesday).

The event was attended by 41 first-year students, distinguished guests including Director Sanae Takai from the High Office, and about 30 people related to the SIPs group. At the reception and in the role of guides, male students dressed in suits and female students wearing ethnic clothing were ready with the staff, doing their best to provide a warm welcome despite their nervousness.

The ceremony began with an opening movie. In this video, students from the Osaka campus appeared and greeted the audience in various languages.

Following this, Mr. Maeda, the representative of the SIPs group, delivered an opening speech.

Subsequently, a “Nara Campus Introduction Video” created by a group of students from the Osaka campus was presented. The students visited the campus and the town of Sango, where the Nara campus is located, to film it. How did the campus and town appear to the international students? Please check out the video for more.

Howdy Japanese Language School Introduction Movie

Furthermore, we received many heartwarming congratulatory speeches and messages from the distinguished guests.

The representative speech by the new students was delivered by Mr. SAMAL CHANDRA BAHADUR. He had just arrived in Japan, but he practiced hard for this special day. Additionally, Nepalese female students performed a traditional dance, which was a first-time experience for some and created a lot of excitement. We hope that you could feel a closer connection to different cultures.

The vision for Howdy Japanese School Nara Campus is to expand from the classroom to the local community. We aim to work together with the people of Sango to create a lively and harmonious coexistence in the community.

Thank you all for your support for Howdy Japanese School Nara Campus.